Climb Up Summer Summit Challenge Part 2

9 06 2008

Quick update.

It’s official.

As part of the Climb Up so Kids can Grow Up Summer Summit Challenge, I’m climbing Mr. Rainier over the 4th of July weekend.

Now seeking sponsors. Spare change, dolla dolla bills, gold fillings, personal checks, anything helps. As little or as much as you can afford. It’s all tax-deductible. Contact me for more info.

Donations go to the American Foundation for Children with AIDS. Their work delivers “cost-effective relief, services, medical and social support, education and advocacy” to help HIV positive children in Africa.

Thanks in advance for your encouragement and sponsorship!

Climb Up Summer Summit Challenge

3 06 2008

Climb Up!Climb Up so Kids can Grow Up is a dynamic partnership between outdoor recreation enthusiasts and the American Foundation for Children with AIDS, which focuses on theĀ African HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Climb Up is kicking off their 2008 fundraising with an impressive Summer Summit Challenge. The idea is for hikers and climbers across America to storm the nation’s highest peaks between June 27 and July 6.

To participate, individuals must raise $115 and teams $5,000.

As of right now only one team has signed up, so please check out the high point in your state to see if you’re ready for the challenge.

If you poke around on the Climb Up website, you’ll find great stories from previous events. Read up on the fun you can have participating in programs like this. Get motivated. And realize there’s really nothing stopping you from climbing for a cause.

Return to the Outdoors

24 05 2008

What inspires you to return to the outdoors?

That is the question Timex Expedition poses and in return for your answer, you could win trips or gear. Submit your story in writing or video.

As to videos, they already have interviews with Conrad Anker, Steph David, and Yvon Chouinard – filmed by another great, Jimmy Chin, as well as David Gonzales, who I don’t know but who’s no doubt an awesome dude. The clips are there for inspiration. You don’t have to compete with them. As a matter of fact, if you enter, why not do what the outdoors teaches so many and only compete with yourself. There’s my inspirational quip for the day.

I especially like Anker’s bitty blog right here, where he waxes poetic about family, Katmandu, and the outdoor tribe.

Click here to get more on the contest.

Thanks for the heads up, Adventure Blogger.