Steve McClure Sends 9a 5.15 Redpoint

2 06 2008

Steve McClure has been enjoying a run of American press lately – featured for his string of unrepeated FAs in Climbing Magazine (May) and now, “prematurely” sending yet another 9a project on May 20th, he’s back in print and online.

Looks like the short climbing season at Kilnsey Crag in Yorkshire didn’t hold him back. Nor did the inevitable hangover days, which he cited as another distinct challenge for British climbers. Distinct, perhaps, but not unique! put up this involved, intimate, and absorbing video – a clip from Psyche DVD (Posing Productions) in which McClure talks about the project.

Favorite quote: “The ultimate in crimpy, sustained routes. And it’s kind of my bag so I shouldn’t complain.”

Also, check out the coverage and interview in Climbing Magazine online. Does anyone else detect in all this his nonchalant arrogance? Absolutely charming.

Spray – New Film from BS Productions

27 05 2008

Beautiful new film from BS Productions – their fourth.

Spray stillIn Spray, filmmaker Brian Solano documents the adventures of four climbers along the Northern California Coast. Joe Kinder (The Life), Chris Linder, Collette McInerney, Luke Parady (The Life), and Vanessa Compton.

The film tour is over and the DVD up for sale. See Spray the website to watch the trailer and buy it online.

On a personal note, the only other BS Productions/Brian Solano film I’ve seen is The Life. Looks like Solano had a much bigger budget for Spray because that trailer is way more crisp and the music far more inviting. This is going on my list.

Readers, if you’ve seen em, should I watch The Australian Project and Karma, too?