Live Intensely…

4 06 2008

But not this intensely.

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane

I’m on a roll today. My CEO sent this to me.


Climb more, nervous breakdown less.

‘Perfecto’ Film Mystery

4 06 2008

If you have multiple browser tabs open when you click to Rock at Ice right now, you might suffer brief confusion (or delusions). Did you accidentally surf to Has Chris Sharma fused his mind with your computer to beckon you to a beachy climbing wonderland?

Unfortunately, no.

Scroll down to the very bottom and you’ll see an unnamed video on auto-play. Perfecto by MC Productions. That is the mystery.

Looks like Mike Call has been bumming about Sharma’s old haunts. He brought Ethan Pringle – who names “Being featured in Mike Call’s (MC Productions/Momentum VM) Deep Water Solo Film ‘Perfecto'” one of his major bouldering achievements. This page and Rock and Ice are the only two online locations where I can find info about the film, coming out this summer.

Neither Movement Films nor MVM mention the new flick.

But what more do we need to know?

Steve McClure Sends 9a 5.15 Redpoint

2 06 2008

Steve McClure has been enjoying a run of American press lately – featured for his string of unrepeated FAs in Climbing Magazine (May) and now, “prematurely” sending yet another 9a project on May 20th, he’s back in print and online.

Looks like the short climbing season at Kilnsey Crag in Yorkshire didn’t hold him back. Nor did the inevitable hangover days, which he cited as another distinct challenge for British climbers. Distinct, perhaps, but not unique! put up this involved, intimate, and absorbing video – a clip from Psyche DVD (Posing Productions) in which McClure talks about the project.

Favorite quote: “The ultimate in crimpy, sustained routes. And it’s kind of my bag so I shouldn’t complain.”

Also, check out the coverage and interview in Climbing Magazine online. Does anyone else detect in all this his nonchalant arrogance? Absolutely charming.

Spray – New Film from BS Productions

27 05 2008

Beautiful new film from BS Productions – their fourth.

Spray stillIn Spray, filmmaker Brian Solano documents the adventures of four climbers along the Northern California Coast. Joe Kinder (The Life), Chris Linder, Collette McInerney, Luke Parady (The Life), and Vanessa Compton.

The film tour is over and the DVD up for sale. See Spray the website to watch the trailer and buy it online.

On a personal note, the only other BS Productions/Brian Solano film I’ve seen is The Life. Looks like Solano had a much bigger budget for Spray because that trailer is way more crisp and the music far more inviting. This is going on my list.

Readers, if you’ve seen em, should I watch The Australian Project and Karma, too?

Return to the Outdoors

24 05 2008

What inspires you to return to the outdoors?

That is the question Timex Expedition poses and in return for your answer, you could win trips or gear. Submit your story in writing or video.

As to videos, they already have interviews with Conrad Anker, Steph David, and Yvon Chouinard – filmed by another great, Jimmy Chin, as well as David Gonzales, who I don’t know but who’s no doubt an awesome dude. The clips are there for inspiration. You don’t have to compete with them. As a matter of fact, if you enter, why not do what the outdoors teaches so many and only compete with yourself. There’s my inspirational quip for the day.

I especially like Anker’s bitty blog right here, where he waxes poetic about family, Katmandu, and the outdoor tribe.

Click here to get more on the contest.

Thanks for the heads up, Adventure Blogger.

Adam Ondra Sends Action Directe

24 05 2008

On May 19th, 15-year-old Czech virtuoso repeated Wolfgang Güllich’s 5.14+ Action Directe. He joins the ranks of Alaxander Alder, Iker Pou, Dave Graham, Christian Bindhammer, Rich Simpson, Dai Koyamada, Markus Bock, and Kilian Fischhuber – the only other climbers to repeat Güllich’s infamous ascent.

A must-watch.

Footage from

Read an interview and see how young this kid really looks when he’s not climbing his way into world records. Ok, I don’t know he’s the youngest to send Action Directe, but it’s probably a safe bet.

Squamish Bouldering

22 05 2008

Posted Monday, a group bouldering at Stawamus Chief and Murrin Park in Squamish B.C. Not the intense kind of climbing video. But I like how you can see solid technique and balance in slow, fluid movements.