Health, Empowerment, Research, and Advocacy

11 06 2008

HERA for short. This Women’s Cancer Foundation has been everywhere lately. Besides Climb4Life events, founder and cancer survivor Sean Patrick is drumming up funds through the Partners in Action program.

Women’s Adventure magazine is newest to the list. That means every subscription sends $5 toward ovarian cancer research and advocacy.

Most exciting, HERA is partnering with the Sterling Ropes Recycling Center in conjunction with their Climb4Life event in Boulder this weekend. Eco-conscious Coloradoans are welcome to drop off their worn-out nylon cords. Friday from 3 – 6pm at the local REI. Saturday from 8 – 10am at the Boulder Rock Club. (Normally you’d have to send them in – but still a great option for greening your climbing gear.)

If you’re in the market for new gear, I’ve seen HERA emblazoned on special-release climbing products from Mad Rock to Petzl…

Mad Rock HERA Pad

Mad Rock just released the HERA Pad – a lightweight bouldering crashpad made for women climbers. $139.95 with $6 destined for the cancer foundation. Closed size: 24″x36″x10″. Open size: 48″x36″x5″.

Evolve HERA shoeIn May, Evolve unveiled the HERA women’s climbing shoe. The narrow, non-aggressive fit and extended toe rand make for a comfortable all-arounder. Perforated upper for breathability. Three grooves in the rubber above the big toe designed to relieve pressure as you maneuver on edges. $109 online with standard custom add-ons like split sizing. 1% of online and dealer profits head straight to HERA.

HERA hangboardJason Kehl shaped this minimalist hangboard for HERA and Priced at a not-bad $47.50 and promising 5% of sales to support the cause.

HERA climbing holdsAlso available on, five HERA-themed sandstone holds for $25 with a 5% donation rate.
HERAbinerPun of the day – the HERABINER – courtesy of Petzl. $13.95 each. $1 for its namesake.

P.S. As far as I can tell, the BlueWater Lightning Pro rope from BlackJack Mountain Outfitters is no longer available.